~~ Old Testament Survey ~~
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ID  Media Player MP3 Time (min) Scripture Title
OTS001 O O 36 Gen.1:1-2 Survey of the Old Testament - Intro Part 1
OTS002 O O 33 Gen.1, 2, 3 Survey of the Old Testament - Intro Part 2
OTS004 O O 30 Gen.2-9 Survey of the Old Testament - Intro Part 3
OTS005 O O 35 Gen.1 thru 5 Survey of the Old Testament - Intro Part 4
OTS006 O O 35 Gen. 10 thru 12 Part 1
OTS007 O O 38 Gen. 6 thru 12, Heb.11:8-11 Part 2
OTS008 O O 32 Heb.11, Heb.11:11 Faith Part 1 -Abraham's Touch with God
OTS009 O O 37   Faith Part 2 -Enemy of the World
OTS010 O O 32 Heb.11:11, 17-18 Faith Part 3 -We do not need to be Special
OTS011 O O 37 Gen.12 Faith Part 4 -Survival with the Enemy
OTS013 O O 37 Gen., Heb.11:23-24 Faith Part 5 -The Physical Side of People
OTS014 O O 30 Gen. Faith Part 6 -It comes from God
OTS015 O O 34 Gen., Heb.11:23, Rom.12:3 Faith Part 7 -Moses, You, and Mustard Seed
OTS016 O O 27 Gen. Faith Part 8 -The Gift from God
OTS017 O O 35 Gen.35, Exd.12-14, 2-Cor4:7 Faith Part 9 -God Feeds His Children
OTS018 O O 30 Exd.20:10 Effects of the World
OTS019 O O 37 Exd. God in this World - a History Lesson
OTS020 O O 31 Exd.2:7 Story of Jethro
OTS021 O O 34 2Chr.7:14, Psa.16, Rom.12:3, 2Cor.5:14 Outer Person vs. Inner Person
OTS022 O O 31 Exd. Prayer That We Use
OTS023 O O 36 2Chr.7:14, Duet.33:27, Phil.1:6 Traveling Life's Deserts
OTS024 O O 31 Exodus The Jews Needs
OTS025 O O 30 Heb.10, 1John 1:9 The Tabernacle
OTS026 O O 33 Heb.10:1-23 The Tabernacle and Christians
OTS027 O O 30 Heb.8:7-13, 9:11-14 New Covenant
OTS028 O O 32 Heb.9:6 A Growing Spirit In The Wilderness
OTS029 O O 30 Heb.9:11-14  
OTS030 O O 29 Josh.1:9 From Moses To Joshua
OTS031 O O 30 Josh.5:13-15, Col.1:15-16, John 1:1-4, 14, Phil.1:1-9, 2:5-8  
OTS032 O O 34 Josh.3 Constant Problems
OTS033 O O 32 Josh.3:1-14, Heb 3, 4  
OTS034 O O 30 Josh.6, Rom.15:4 Win The Battle With Him
OTS035 O O 28 Josh.6:8 The Struggle With Jericho
OTS036 O O 25 Josh. 24:1-17  
OTS037 O O 32 Josh. 24:13-18, Judg.2:11-27  
OTS038 O O 32 Judg.1:17-33,  2:11-17, 3:1-2, 5:1-20, Psa.68, 107:1-20  
OTS039 O O 32 Judg.5:1-4, Psa.68, 1Sam.2:1-3, Luke 2  
OTS040 O O 32 1Sam. 2:1-11, Luke 1:46-55 Hosts Of Israel
OTS042 O O 31 Judg.6:1-18, Psa.107:1-31  
OTS043 O O 33 Josh. 6:10-7:25  
OTS044-5 O O 36 Judg.1:3, Isa.9:6 Events In The OT - Not To  Be Duplicated
OTS046 O O 34 Ruth 1-2  
OTS047 O O 33   Abstracts Of The Old Testament
OTS048 O O 36 Judg.14:1-7  
OTS049 O O 30 Judg.13, 14 Today's Ethics and Ways
OTS050 O O 31 Ruth Overview Of Ruth
OTS052 O O 35 1Sam Introduction
OTS053 O O 33 1Sam. 1:1-11, 2Cor.4:6  
OTS054 O O 34 1Sam. 1:11-28  
OTS055 O O 30 1Sam. 2:1-10 Song Of Hannah
OTS056 O O 31 1Sam. 2:1-10, Dan., Phil.2:1-5  
OTS058 O O 33 1Sam.2, Rev.15:1-4, Psa.68, Phil.2:5-11  
OTS059 O O 39 1Sam.8:1-6, Psa.16, 1Tim.3:1-5 Earliness Vs. Godliness