~~ Practical Living ~~
ID  Media Player MP3 Time (min) Scripture Title
PL100 O O 32 - Practical Living
PL104 O O 33 Rev.1:7 Your Life In The Palm Of His Hand
PL105 O O 38 1Cor.9:17-27  
PL106 O O 48 Eph.2:8 Christians In Society
PL108 O O 35 - JW's - Caution
PL111 O O 29 Acts The Simplicity Of The Faith
PL112 O O 39 Phil 4:6 Emotions and Faith
PL113 O O 48 Rev. various chapters, Rom.8:17-3  
PL116 O O 34 Rom.8:1-4, 2Cor. 2:7-9, Mark 1:19, Matt.5:48, Jude 25 None
PL171 O O 34 - A Message Of Peace
PL176 O O 29 - The Effect Of Tragedy